Haramaseya The Animation Episode 2


Haramaseya revolves around Terada Akito, a man with “super sperm” capable of impregnating any woman. Akito is hired by a sperm bank to impregnate its clients, with the first being Kumi Iijima, a woman unable to conceive due to her husband’s azoospermia. Three months after her first job, the same customer from last time, Kimi Iijima, shows up as a customer. Terada apologizes for not being able to get her pregnant, but her attitude towards Mirai is somehow different from before, and she is cooperative with sex…? She says, “If it ends faster that way…” while actively moaning and responding to the hand job! ? Then, Terada realizes that he doesn’t just want a still image, but just wants to have sex, and proposes a third sex, but… Main Title Haramaseya The Animation Official Title 孕ませ屋 THE ANIMATION Type OVA Year 22.03.2024 until ? Season Spring 2024