Rennyu Order The Animation Episode 1


Rennyu Order The Animation is a hentai anime adaptation by PinkPineapple Studios of the manga of the same name by Kuronomiki. It is scheduled for release in April 2024. The main character Takayuki lives alone in Japan because his parents are away on an archeological dig in another country. One day a girl named Sasha, a princess of the mysterious country of Al-Fajar, comes to his house. She is beautiful in face and body and has cinnamon-colored … Year: 2024 year. Source: manga Genre: Big tits Duration: 1ep 26min. language: Subbed Quality: web-1080px Release date: 26.04.2024 Original name: 恋乳オーダー ~おかわり~ THE ANIMATION English name: Rennyu Order The Animation Director: Oota Hideta Studio: PinkPineapple